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Why Do I Need A Website?

“I have a Facebook page, why do I need a website?”

We get this question all the time from clients, especially from those that have little or no staff. They’ve taken the time and effort to build a Facebook page and build a following, so why on earth would they need to spend the time and money on a website?


Here’s the bottom line: YOUR WEBSITE = YOUR KINGDOM


The social media platforms control every aspect of THEIR product.

THEY dictate the color scheme.
THEY dictate what you can or cannot say/sell/do on THEIR platform.
THEY dictate how you appear and how often you appear to your potential customers.


Why are you letting social media dictate how you interact with YOUR customers?


Having a website that is mobile-friendly, secure, and interactive allows YOU to control how the customer interacts with YOUR business.
YOUR message, YOUR rules.

Social media can be a valuable tool. But it will always be a tool built by someone else, with their best interests in mind.


Isn’t it time you had a tool with YOUR best interests in mind?

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Case Study: Is Your Web Designer Responsive?

One of our customers, Tally’s Panhandle Detail, called us yesterday and needed their business address changed on their website. He needed it done as soon as possible since his business had moved to a new location the day before. We were able to immediately update the website. Transport Studios understands that your business website needs changes and updates in a timely manner, and we treat your website like it was our own!

While updating the physical address for Tally’s Panhandle Detail website, we also noticed that the client’s Google Business information did not have the new address, so we changed it, too. To ensure that our client did not miss any customers, we checked his social media accounts and advised him to update his address there as well.

If your web designer is not proactive and responsive to your needs, it is time to make the change to Transport Studios. We make your business a priority and strive to update our customers’ websites as quickly as possible. After all, time is money and we know you are counting on us!

As a side note, if you are in the Tallahassee area, we encourage you to give Tally’s Panhandle Detail a try. They do an excellent job detailing vehicles and will make yours look great, too!

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